“Elizabeth does a superb job in The Good Shepherd’s Pasture of translating the rich truth of our covenantal theology of baptism into an engaging story that is both readily accessible to a younger audience and surprisingly disarming to an older audience. It targets the heart of both the child and the parent with the Gospel and fleshes out the Gospel’s implications for covenant families in a way that makes us fall more in love with Jesus. I believe this little book will be as helpful for families who have grown up in the Reformed tradition as it will be for those who are fairly new and unfamiliar with it. It is a discipleship resource for the church that meets a specific need in a unique way.” Ben Griffith, Assistant Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church//Franklin, TN

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What’s the Book About?

The Good Shepherd’s Pasture is meant to tell children the story of their baptism through an accessible metaphor. At the baptism font, we tell our children that they belong here with us— in the pasture of the good shepherd. We remind them (and ourselves) that Jesus is taking care of our family like a shepherd would take care of his sheep. And—because our children are here with us—He is taking care of them, too. At their baptism, our children are given a sign that points to Jesus: the only One who can wash our hearts clean. We are giving them the seal that tells them our God has promised to be their God; They need only to respond to Him in faith. And as we sing His promises over them, we hope for the day when they hear His voice rise above our own. The Good Shepherd’s Pasture is one way we can help tune our children’s ears to hear the voice of Jesus.

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What are people saying about the book?

The Good Shepherd’s Pasture is a beautiful story – richly illustrated and told with sincere care. The imagery of God’s Word captures the imagination as the author leads her readers through the Good News and calls children to come to Jesus. This book is a gift to parents who hope to help their children remember their baptism – a picture of God’s promise – and rest in the hope of Jesus. As a parent and children’s pastor, I am glad to have this resource on my shelf!

- Zack Owens//Pastor of Children and Family at Redeemer Church, P.C.A.// Jackson, MS

What a tremendous gift this book is to the covenant family of God! Elizabeth has a wonderful ability to bring to life the awe and significance of baptism for our little ones. Your heart, and Lord willing the heart of your child, will be stirred through the vibrant word pictures she paints centered around Jesus as our Good Shepherd. This book will be one parents can read to their covenant children for generations to come!

‒ Jeff Norris//Directional Leader and Lead Teacher, Perimeter Church//Atlanta, GA (as of September 2019)

Use this treasure early and often as you teach your children about the promises made to them at their baptism. Beautifully illustrated, captively written and theologically rich, this book teaches the youngest and their parents what it means to be a baptized member of God’s family. This gospel treasure is sure to be transformative in many families’ lives as we strive to teach our children the good news about Jesus.

‒ Sara Lucas//pastor’s wife and mother of four covenant children//Independent Presbyterian Church// Memphis, TN

Helping a child understand infant baptism can be a difficult and complex concept. Elizabeth has given parents a wonderful tool to assist them in explaining this sacrament. Her book paints a beautiful picture of our need for Jesus as Savior and gives us the sense of belonging to a family of believers. The illustrations and relatable story line will expose a child’s heart and mind to the meaning of God’s mark of the covenant and lead to deeper conversation about the gospel.

‒ Rebecca Little//Lower Elementary Principal at Perimeter Christian School

With both words and illustrations that will make you catch your breath, Elizabeth Harwell and Laura Pennebaker have created a treasure for us and our children alike. I’m grateful for the myriad of ways The Good Shepherd’s Pasture encourages us to wrap our arms around a big theological concept in a way that is both inviting and accessible.

‒ Holly Mackle//Curator of Same Here, Sisterfriend and author of Little Hearts, Prepare Him Room

In this beautiful explanation of Jesus as our Good Shepherd, Elizabeth Harwell also simply and profoundly explains the covenant promise of God. By reading this small book, every child and parent will come to understand more clearly what is happening in the holy sacrament of baptism. Read The Good Shepherd’s Pasture to your child and grandchild with the great joy that comes from remembering anew that you also live in the Good Pasture only because of His covenant of grace.

— Sue Jakes//PCA Children’s Ministry Coordinator